Acupuncture For All Seasons


Winter’s element is Water.

The color of Water is blue or black, the emotion is courage or fear. Water’s task is finding inner strength, drawing upon the spirit of the will for stamina and faith. Water’s power is of restoration, in a period of closing and storing, naturally bounded by Fall’s balancing and Spring’s birth and growth.

Spring’s element is Wood

The color of Wood is green, the emotion is anger or benevolence. Wood’s task is creativity, drawing upon the soul of dreams to empower compassion. Wood’s power is of birth and growth, in a period of development of life, naturally bounded by Winter’s restoring and Summer’s maturation.

Summer’s element is Fire.

The color of Fire is red, the emotion is joy or sadness. Fire’s task is compassion, drawing upon the radiance of spirit to surrender the self. Fire’s power is of maturity, in a period of luxurious growth, naturally bounded by Spring’s birth and growth and Late Summer’s harvest.

Late Summer’s element is Earth.

The color of Earth is yellow, the emotion is sympathy or disgust, the task is caring, drawing upon the spirit of service. Earth’s power is of the harvest, a decrease toward the center, in a period of abundance, naturally bounded by Summer’s maturation and Fall’s balancing.

Fall’s element is Metal.

The color of Metal is white, the emotion is longing or grief. Metal’s task is finding meaning and inspiration; drawing on the spirit of the animal instinct for companionship. Metal’s power is of balance, in a period of tranquility of one’s conduct, naturally bounded by Late Summer’s abundance and Winter’s restoring.