Appointments, FAQs

Can acupuncture treat multiple complaints? Yes. Treatment involves the restoration of one’s innate self-healing power. By promoting adaptability to change, a diverse variety of complaints can resolve, often simultaneously. Symptoms may be either acute or chronic ... obvious and/or more intangible.

Appointments? Phone 828 667-4060. Appointments last 60-75 minutes.

First visit: $120. (allow 90 minutes)
Follow-up visits: $85.

Pay by: cash, check, or credit/debit. Payment is due in full before or immediately after each appointment. Cancellation: 24 hr. notice for no charge.

Sliding scale? For patients who require, and who intend to follow a course of treatments, a reduced rate is negotiable.

Insurance? There is no insurance billing, however, a receipt can be provided for patients who seek reimbursement on their own.

Number of treatments? How frequent? Treatment plans are individualized. A typical course of treatments begins with 4-6 weekly visits. Acute situations may respond best to 2 visits/week at first. As conditions improve, time between visits is increased. Heathy patients return periodically for prevention or ‘tune-up’.

Is it safe? Does it hurt? Acupuncture needles are very thin, sterile, single-use & disposable. Insertions are kept to a minimum. A ‘qi sensation’ is similar to a moving warmth or dull heaviness at the point. Most treatments result in a feeling of relaxation, relief, and immediate improvement.

Additional questions? Phone Amanda at Welcome Wellness, 828 667-4060, see the website, or contact Paul directly at 828 989-6206 or